Versatile, multi-lingual actor. Dedicated to truthfull acting.

A visionary director who adds a unique flavor to any production.

Adds an extra layer of meaning and opinions through music.

What you need to know about Andy Pett

There are people in this world who not only have a vision and a dream, but the tenacity and will to do what it takes to reach them. Andy is one of those people. What differs him from other aspiring actors is that he didn't just simply wait and hope that someone would come along and give him a role in a movie - he started his own production company, and learned how to make movies so that he could tell the stories he wanted to tell, learn the craft of acting by doing, and gain valuable experience both in front of and behind the camera. His work behind the camera has given him tremendous insights into how the business works, and has given him a better understanding of everyone's involvement in a movie. His knowledge and traits make him a valuable asset to any film production team.

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Andy is currently acting in English and Norwegian.
His full resume can be found at his Imdb page.

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